SCI’s 1st Annual CLO Special Opportunities Seminar

29 June 2021 | Virtual Event


CLOs are now a mainstream market and set to cross the US$1trn threshold this year globally, bolstered by the search for yield and strong performance through the Covid-19 crisis. Positive news though this is, it means that investors can no longer look to the vanilla market for the relative value opportunities they used to enjoy. SCI’s CLO Special Opportunities Seminar examines the key areas for investors and managers to enhance returns from market and deal structures, to pricing and unusual asset classes.

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  • 29 June
    CLOs are said to be the perfect vehicle for ESG selection criteria. Can investors seek enhanced yield through ESG compliant CLOs and how do managers demonstrate a track record that these structures offer attractive returns? How can investors be satisfied that ESG deals are genuinely compliant with their criteria?

    Panel includes:
    Fatima Hadj – Chair of the PRI’s Securitised Products Advisory Committee
    Some banks are looking to achieve time and cost efficiencies to the secondary loan and CLO market through electronification. But does this represent as big an opportunity for investors and other market players, or is there a better way to improve market infrastructure for everyone?

    Panel Includes:
    Olga Chernova - Sancus Capital Management
    Anthony Schexnayder - kopen Tech
    Offering a wider spread advantage to their BSL siblings how is the more opaque sector really faring now the initial stage of the Covid crisis is behind us, but the true economic impact is still ahead, and do MM CLOs still offer enough reward for the risk? How attractive are risk adjusted returns for MM CLOs, what are the challenges in analysing the credits given the private/bilateral nature of loans?

    Panel includes:
    Mark Fontanilla – Mark Fontanilla & Co.
    Pramit Mukherjee - Converge RE
    Christopher Gilbert – Natixis
    A senior industry figure gives their take on where the CLO industry really is with Ibor transition.
    The structured credit outliers of recent years such as CBOs, CFOs and PFI CLOs have begun to re-emerge of late – can they and other similar instruments start to show genuine volume growth as well as enhanced yields?
    An in-depth look at the key issues in CLO analytics, pricing and valuation including: secondary market trading patterns, primary pricing indicators, manager tiering and the relative opportunities and challenges between US and European markets. As well as examining the practicalities of dealing with those issues such as a bottom up versus a top down approach, key metrics, early warning signals and the genesis of pricing equity through this cycle.

    Panel includes:
    Geoffrey Horton – Barclays (Moderator)
    Dan Wohlberg – Eagle Point Credit Management
    Dagmara Michalczuk – Tetragon Credit Partners
    Andy Ross – Pacific Asset Management
    Batur Bicer – Napier Park
    Chris Saltaformaggio – New York Life Investors
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